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Arkansas Medicaid Beneficiary Education

Welcome to the Arkansas Medicaid beneficiary program. This is a program of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. It is run by AFMC.

We help teach new Medicaid enrollees about their benefits and the services they can receive. We also help new enrollees choose their primary care physician (PCP).

Our mission is to improve beneficiary health and lower Medicaid costs. There are several ways that we do this:

  • •  Teaching about tools and services that keep you healthy
  • •  Helping you choose a PCP (if you don’t have one)
  • •  Showing you some common health risks
  • •  Encouraging you to tell your PCP about your health
  • •  Teaching about when you shouldn’t visit the emergency room

This is a statewide program. However, if you have questions about Medicaid or ARKids First, there is help available in your area. To find this help, use the interactive map, or call 855-275-5948. We will help you register for local sessions in your area.

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