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Non-Emergency Transportation Program

The Arkansas Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) program provides eligible Medicaid beneficiaries with transportation to the nearest qualified Medicaid provider. Beneficiaries who are ineligible for this service include:

  • Nursing home facility residents
  • Those in an ICF/MR (a home for people with mental retardation)
  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB)
  • ARKids First B recipients
  • Those who qualify only under the Women's Health Waiver (Family Planning FP-W)
  • Those who qualify only under Tuberculosis (TB) category

Transportation is provided only to and from Medicaid-covered services. No co-payments are required, and there are no limits on the number of trips and no mileage caps.

NET is provided through Division of Medical Services (DMS) contracts with seven transportation brokers (one per geographic region). The brokers are paid a flat rate based on the number of qualified beneficiaries in the region. The brokers can also contract with qualified subcontractors in their areas and serve as a gatekeeper, processing transportation requests and monitoring complaints to ensure quality. DMS will conduct periodic on-site broker reviews for quality assurance.

What are the beneficiaries' responsibilities?

  • Find out who their NET transportation broker is for your region. (Check the NET map.)
  • If they can't find their broker on the NET map, they can call the Medicaid Transportation Help Line toll-free at 1-888-987-1200. NET staff can help them find out who their broker is and how to contact the broker.
  • Call the NET transportation broker in your region at least 48 hours (two whole days) before the appointment. (Don't count Saturday, Sunday or holidays.) For example, if the patient needs a ride to the doctor on Monday, they will need to call no later than Thursday.

When the patient calls, they should:

  • Have their Medicaid ID ready.
  • Tell the broker why they need a ride.
  • Provide name, address and phone number of the health care provider.
  • Provide the day and time of the appointment.
  • If the patient must travel outside their region, they will need a referral from their PCP. Send the referral to the NET broker.

What are the brokers' responsibilities?

  • Accept reservations Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except state holidays.
  • Provide a toll-free phone number.
  • Provide language interpreter service.
  • Provide service for the hearing-impaired.
  • Provide a pick-up time when the patient schedules an appointment.
  • Provide a confirmation number to confirm the ride.
  • Arrive on time. 
  • Let the patient and provider know if they will be late.

    What is the MMCS Transportation Helpline?

    The toll-free MMCS Transportation Helpline (1-888-987-1200) takes beneficiaries' questions, comments, complaints and suggestions about the NET program. The Helpline will not arrange transportation; beneficiaries should call their local Medicaid transportation broker 48 hours before their  appointment.

    For more information see the Medicaid beneficiaries' page about the NET program.